. . .then came Zahra

If there is anything I’ve learnt in the run-up to the 2014 Nigerian Presidential election; it is the value of packaging.

This essential concept is the difference between

Nowhere is this more manifest than in the ‘re-packaging’ of a major Presidential aspirant – Maj. General Muhammad(u) Buhari. This prominent son of Daura received a cosmetic makeover even as he guns to displace incumbent President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan from Aso Villa

How you are perceived by the public is often more important than how you perceive your self. Case-in-point: The current No1 citizen of this country has been viewed in many quarters as ‘clueless’ and ‘slow’. This writer does not share those sentiments and I’m sure that the Commander-in-Chief does not think of himself in that light.

Back to Buhari

buhari meme

I must commend the General’s handlers for whitewashing the image of our dear General. He had always been viewed as a fundamentalist and/or a religious bigot; an fanatical individual who was hatching a grand scheme of enforcing Sharia throughout Nigeria and pushing this secular country into the Organization of Islamic Conference.
He has always worn the toga of incorruptibility and piety. His apparent lack of material resources despite some years as a military president have convinced many that he is not a thief. When he declared his assets, he valued himself at about ‘ 150 cows and one million naira’.
Heck, there was even a time he could not pay his house rent.

But despite his pros, the hardliner ethnic/religious fundamentalism was a proving a hard sell to the electorate in the 2014 race (as it also was in 2011, 2007 and 2003).

Like a breath of fresh air, like the much promised change, the public has been treated to a whole new General Buhari.
Gone is the hard-ass dictator and say hello to a jovial child-friendly granddaddy.

from this…buhari angry 2

buhari angry 1

…to this trendy daddy!!

Muhammadu Buhari OfficialNEW BU

                                                                                  Muhammadu Buhari official

A twitter account was opened to keep up with the social media conversation of Nigeria’s youth

Follow General Buhari on Twitter here


There is no more talk of monkeys and baboons drowning in blood if the election does not go as per-planned way.

Enter the daughter 

zahra 3

zahra 6

The General’s media machine realizing that “beauty attracts”, has thrown in the pretty daughter of General Buhari into the party.

Her name is Zahra (which means beautiful/flower/shining).
She is an undergraduate student at the University of Surrey and she apparently has a taste for high end fashion.


She was literally a game-changer( apologies to Messr Adamu Muazu).
Her young blood (and bod) immediately got people talking positively about General Buhari. Why shouldn’t we vote in the father of this hot chic? If he can maintain his daughter this good, then he can maintain Nigeria as well? Is he really a religious fundamentalist; because his daughter don’t look like the daughter of a hardliner?

Then, there were the marriage proposals

In all, It was good to see a warm side of General Muhammad(u) Buhari. If he does win the February 14 polls, we can be sure of one thing, we will have a serious contender for the prettiest First Daughter of the Federal Republic. Excelsior.